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This Moment so Sweety

since there were so crowded at the airport, we have to do the project in concert. my seat was at the left and side of the girls (4500 Bath) Seohyun often walked pass us. We (Meme’ and Fhon) prepared the banner of KyuSeoThailand Fanclub (one of us made it). Ofc this is our very first time and we’re quite sure that this is all WiRes first time showing our support in SNSD concert. At first, we were so worried. we kept thinking over and over if we should show the banner or not. however,…(well, i don’t want to say it in public. i don’t want drama) because of that motivation, we both all dare saying “I don’t care” (lol XD) so we decided to let Seohyun see the banner written “KyuSeo Thailand”

we had been waiting for the time then Seohyun finally walked pass our zone. we were standing up without any hesitating and showing the banner & a fan which is Kyuhyun’s pic on. she was running and waving to all of us then stopped right in front of two of us. her eyes was locked at the banner then she pointed at it with the very very cute expression (Kyuhyun could be dead because of that expression!) we don’t have any evidence but we’re really sure because as soon as she ran away, we jumped and hugged each other without any words. we did not have to ask because our thought were exactly the same. moreover, the fanboys around there had to moved their eyes to take a look at our banner

eventually, during Naengmyeon song, we prepared the banner and the fan again. plus, Meme’ also brought Way Back into Love duet picture ! (in the pic, their head meet) among fanboys and ‘that variety show’ fans, we’re scared if they would kill us but we had nothing to lose. we had to fight ! Seohyun ran to our direction. we suddenly stood up and show all those stuff. she was glancing around to the fans then her eyes finally met ours

she looked as if she was surprised! this was so unexpectable for her. how can i say, her facial expression looked like there’s something ‘wrong’ ? she looked at our stuff like this (min 2.42) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNdZC12T47c&feature=g-hist&context=G22ceed4AHTzcJegBAAA she did not smile but there’s something in her eyes.

we won’t forget that moment. we can explain how she felt but there actually was something in her eyes. something means so much of things


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